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The Template means the theme of your Blog. The heading , background , the footer , these all are belongs to your bog.By giving a new template , you can make your blog more beautiful. And by Editing that Template , you can make your blog much more beautiful.Many of us , really all of us don't like the the default blogger templates supplied by blogger at creating the blogger Blog. So we always try use use a another template. But , there is a little problem. At those blogger templates , there are names of the template producer , links , buttons , Ads , and also some times we love the blog template but we hate it's images. And some times we can't change the header.

here are some templates which i choose for you. These are some wordpress templates that converted to blogger templates by experts. These have a professional look and also these are Adsense ready templates.

Click here to Download Art TemplateClick here to Download Coffee Desk TemplateClick here to Download Craft Work TemplateClick here to Download Desk Mess TemplateClick here to Download Green Scrap Book TemplateClick here to Download Sea Breeze TemplateClick here to Download Simple Proff TemplateClick here to Download WaterColour Template

That's why we have to
Edit the Template.

If you want to find a new blog template , you just have to go to Google search Engine and type 'Blogger Templates'. Now you will find thousands of blogger templates.

And there is a another thing, you can't just use any template for your blog. Your blog template must be suitable with your blog's

For a example its better to use a template with a Cartoon figure for a blog that is for children , than using a template with vehicles and flowers.
So think well , think as a Artist and choose a template.

Next thing is , if we are going to change our blog's template , we allways have to keep a back up of the old one.For that,

1. Go to
Layout Main Tab
Edit HTML tab

3. Now click on Download Full Template.

If you want to give a new template,

first of all find a new one. ( I recommended )

1. Now download a template and save it on your computer.
2. Extract it using

3. Now Browse your template and give the address. Now click on Upload.

4. Now follow safety steps. ( Click here to learn the safety steps )

5. Now click


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